Comment to 'Writing during the Covid Pandemic'
  • You're absolutely right about the snail-like progress, Cecile. I'm used to starting to write and then getting on a roll. When this happens, then hours can fly by in what seems like a few minutes. At present, I feel like I'm climbing uphill in sticky treacle!

    I'm writing a historical novel set in the 1950s. It follows the life of Georgie, a little girl who was born to a single mum in a small village called Ousby in what was Cumberland. It has involved a huge amount of research, as well as learning a little of the dialect.

    What is your work in progress?

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    • Sticky treacle:) Your novels sounds very intriguing. The 50s up north must have been an intense time and I can see it must have taken hours and hours of research.

      I’m the snail with the brakes on. I keep blaming my work but that’s only partly the cause. Anyway, my WIP is a contemporary story with the tiniest touch of magical realism. It follows Jet and her group of friends when they get tangled up in a global criminal network. One of the things I’m trying to show is that although privacy doesn’t really exist anymore in our world, some things do remain hidden. 

      Let’s see if the snail has found second gear today ;) 

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