Comment to 'How to market your book'
  • Hello there, this is the genuine me. that's sorted then. I have a query or two kinda tangentially to do with marketing sort of. 

    Firstly, in my never-ending attempts to promote my trad-published novel (What Empty Things Are These, a historic literary available at all the usual. Just saying) I thought that a little self-published how-to on creative writing might help. Judging on the advice of many, who always seem to think you have half a dozen books to toy with in attracting custom.

    So, anyway, it's written. And unless my publisher can promise to bring it out in the next couple of weeks (seems unlikely) I will continue along the self-publishing line. It is, however, a complicated thing, self publishing. I've designed it all on roughly A5. Beyond that, I'm not sure what are the best and cheapest options for setting it in concrete, as it were. Would be nice if it could be a hard copy as well as kindle book. And how to organise a cover? Arg.

    Secondly, though I have a publisher and also recently (depressed as I was by apparently flat-lining on Amazon) approached the cheapest publicists online that I could find and i do seem as a result to have achieved a spike on Amazon... I don't know if it might be a good idea or of no use at all to seek out an agent. Just that I seem to spend so much time mountaineering, as it were, in this world of marketing, that it would be nice to feel I have someone else on my side.

    What do you think on these two issues? Many thanks for letting me pester you, as well.

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