Comment to 'How to market your book'
  • Um. Here's what I think:

    1. Having an unrelated title available on AMazon won't meaningfully help your primary title.

    2. Yes, you need an agent, but you need a new book to offer an agent. Agents make their money by selling manuscripts to publishers; they can't do much with books that already have a home.

    3. Self-publishing that title should be easy enough (at least in terms of getting the product out there.) I suggest you use  for both the print and the digital formatting. You can do the latter yourself for free quite easily, but I suspect you might prefer to pay a little to have a pro do it. It's not expensive.

    And yes, again, you probably want to get stuck into both our getting published & self-publishing courses. YOu'll learn a lot and save a lot of time in terms of making the right choices. Good luck!

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