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  • "Rescuing Sycamore House"

    This is an extract from the first chapter of a novel set partly in the present day and partly in the 1950s.  (genre unknown).  The main character, Damian, is a conceited local newspaper reporter, who is disgruntled in a cafe after being sent to cover an agricultural show.

    At a time when most jobs were difficult to come by, I couldn’t just walk out but the frustration caused by a lack of the progress I deserved was beginning to chafe at my psyche.

    A regional newspaper couldn’t be the height of journalistic ambition.  It was the launch pad – but I couldn’t seem to get off base.  An editor with no imagination didn’t help, rejecting as he did my ideas and favouring others with the meatier items on the few occasions when there were any.  When I had started with The Herald, I would have been happy enough to have been sent on the job I had just done but now, three years later, it seemed like an insult.

    I’d have to keep looking for something else in a difficult market –it was the only thing to do.  Besides, I might not have a choice after speaking to Nick.  I’d have another go at re-vamping my C. V. as well.  Maybe I hadn’t made enough of my many abilities.  Someone at one of the nationals must recognise how I could enhance their offerings, surely?

    “So, this is where you’ve disappeared to!” said a familiar female voice.  I looked aside.  To my irritation, it was The Herald’s photographer, Katy.  “I saw you at the window as I drove past.  You can’t claim this on expenses you know, Damian!”

    “I know.  I didn’t see you.  Just taking a break.”

    “Well, I thought I’d better stop and have a word.   Nick isn’t too happy with you at the moment.  You told me so yourself.”

    Obviously, Katy was glad of the excuse to talk to me again. 

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