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  • Hi Harry, I'm Jason.

    Here's a submission for the editing webinar!

    Title: The Broken Ballad of Mr Tallywhacker

    A dark comedy adventure set in a fairytale land

    300 words of story beginning:

    Percy’s mood was one of disquieting melancholy, as though he was emotionally prepared for the impending tragedy. All that morning the gloom had filled him, and his mind was awry with unwelcome insights; the most poignant of which seemed to be centred on his specific reason for living. At first he attributed these thoughts to a fourteen hour sleep, that, even by his lethargic standards was unusually long. He paced around the wooden floor of his bedroom, pondering the purpose of his existence, which was a deeply troubling notion to consider. After much deliberation he could find no definitive reasoning for his being, and so, dissatisfied, he huffed and lay fully dressed on his bed, crossing his booted feet. Here, he dreamt up various scenarios that would cause his life to expand with meaning and adventure. The permutations of his own mind took him by surprise, and he found himself drifting away in a seamless transition of unrelated hypothesised events, all of which culminated in the conclusion of adventure being a dangerous proposition.

    What is adventure, anyway, but a troublesome disturbance, he thought. It was a disturbance that he was often disturbed by; the thoughts often creeping up on him like a shadow at dusk, and something deep inside of him knew life held more possibilities than the lonely existence he had lived. He was eighteen years old, and yet the bountiful lust of youth seemed to have passed him by without a care. Lifting himself from the mattress he moved to the window, where his thoughts drifted to the previous summer.

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