Comment to 'The World's Biggest Pedant'
  • And yet, Harry…

    In the name of pedantry, we must address the elephant in the room: the counterexample.

    There are those times where doing one's research, using correct language to describe the elements of our fictional world, serve only to confuse the audience. This, most obviously, in cases where fallacy has become part of the cultural lexicon.

    As example, I offer you the BOLO or APW.

    The what? You may know it better as the APB. A term which may have been subsumed into actual policing, but only because of its ubiquitous use in media.

    Refer to a BOLO by its proper name, and you will trip your reader up… which, of course, one really ought not to do.

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    • Yep. In the UK, we used to talk about SOCOs - Scene of Crime Officers. That changed to CSIs, in line with American practice, so for a book or two UK crime writers used to throw in sentences like - "The place was swarming with CSIs - or SOCOs as has had always called them." You need to look after your reader, as well as the facts!

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