Comment to 'What’s your hidden mantra?'
  • I was convinced I had to write my historical thriller The White Rooms the way you would see a movie or television series, i.e. with no inner thoughts 'audible'. On screen, you would know what people think, kind of, by body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice. On paper, it's really hard to be very precise about thoughts people are having. Sometimes, I made the character say their inner thought out loud. But that didn't always make sense in the story. So, I had to 'stoop' to writing down some inner thoughts, in italics. I hated it, but didn't see a way out of it.

    Then I had your Becky Hunter edit my manuscript. She wanted a whole lot more inner thought! Or IM, as she calls it. I grumbled, I dragged my heels. But I did it. And I love it! The characters are coming to life!

    I guess, secretly, I was just fantasising too much about some day having my manuscript turned into a movie or television series...

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