Comment to 'A ginger biscuit and a nice cup of tea'
  • Hmm. Yeah. Other consultancies aren't as brutal as us, so it's quite common for us to hear, "editor was wild about the book, but ..." The issue there is that the editor just wasn't tough enough in the first place. We put our money where our mouth is: we either tell you how to fix the MS, or we help you get an agent. That means we can't take the easy way out and just offer empty praise. We're not always the cheapest. And writers don't always love what we tell them. But we ARE good at what we do, and we do get results!

    On getting an advance via a proposal: yes, it's perfectly possible - no kidnap involved - but it only works for non-fiction. With fiction, almost always, you need to write the whole damn book first ...

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