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  • Hi Alisa,

    I've just heard on the news that your country, in spite of being very small and poor, is receiving an incredible number of refugees. It makes me feel I have to do more. And I will.  

    My home town of Tomar in Portugal (population 40,000) has sent a bus to Poland to bring 50 refugees back, while the town's population prepares to house and feed them. They are on their way now, a journey of 3,300 Km each way taking over 4 days on the road. The portuguese government has also hired 2 planes to establish an air bridge from Poland.

    All hands on deck... we will overcome this madness.  

    Just for public information: anyone with a biometric Ukrainian passport or ID card can come to Portugal and will be given a portuguese ID card on arrival. That ID card gives residency for 3 years (at least) and access to all public services including health, education, social services & benefits and the right to work. People that do not have an Ukrainian biometric passport will need to go to the nearest portuguese consulate office with any documents they have, to prepare biometric identification, but better check online as this info may change.

    I'll email you later. Keep strong and look after yourselves. Don't let that "little evil man" break you down. 


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    • Thank you, Donna!

      People working together can do wonders!

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