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  • Jo, I think the name of ProWritingAid gives the game away. It is a piece of software that I suspect has been constructed using artificial intelligence, and also a rules-based engine to check for grammar and stylistic conventions in people's writing. It is an aid - nothing more, nothing less. You're the author. You're the one that should make the ultimate decision as to how your novel starts, twist, turns, and finally ends. It's an aid to thinking, not a substitute for it. 

    If i go into a bookshop in the future and I see the latest Jo Gatenby book is on sale, and I've read your books before, I expect to see the Jo Gatenby style, idiosyncrasies and flourishes on display in that book. I don't want to see some homogenised, blended, standardised text that's been churned out by some AI engine.

    (And if you really do want a vote, I like number 4).  

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