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  • This is just a thought, but for a sales pitch do you not want to emphasize the actual political conditions that cause her to get caught up in the resistance? Right now everyone is hyper aware  of big bullies attacking smaller countries and not everyone knows how much history is repeating itself.

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    • Hi Georgina, It’s a good thought, very timely, as you say. There are three mentions in the text of the Czechoslovak regime :

      '...dangerous covert resistance against the hard-line regime.'

      '...kind of tyranny that has clouded her family’s life'

      '...dramatises accelerating protest against a brutal and desperate regime.'

      You’re probably imagining making at least one more concrete. In Czechoslovakia, the relevant bully incident is, of course, the Warsaw Pact invasion of ’68. I can’t use the phrase ‘a puppet regime’ because there were hard-line Czechs and Slovaks in the Czechoslovak politburo, and one Slovak is reputed to have written to Brezhnev requesting ‘brotherly assistance’. I could say ‘dangerous covert resistance against the hard-line regime installed after the ‘brotherly assistance’ of the Warsaw Pact invasion.

      If you come back on, I'd be interested to know whether this is the kind of thing you were thinking of. In any case, many thanks.

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      • I was thinking of something even more blatant, perhaps even an allusion to the current Russian Ukrainian war. Your publisher might think it too vulgar but I have never forgotten a story I was told by a man at a party. He had written a book about the Philippines, not a single UK publisher was interested, then Marcos was deposed and his book found itself in a bidding war.  Even people who know nothing about history are suddenly very interested in the former Soviet Union, its territories, its bullying, its invasions and so forth… this is just the type of book to appeal.

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        • What you say is certainly true. I'll give your suggestion a good think. Thank you.

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