Comment to 'I wonder if some of you lovely folks would cast an eye over my 2...'
  • Hi Alison. Thank you for taking the time. I agree totally with what you are saying. When I read it back there is loads of superfluous information that adds nothing at all to the plot. I’m not entirely sure why I felt the need to describe every second of their day! They need to arrive at the beach hut in the evening but that I’m sure that can be done by just saying so. Plenty of stuff I can cut out. This is just how it flowed out of my biro. Now it’s typed up I need to get busy with the delete key! I watched Holly Dawson’s webinar the other day which was really helpful and I can see that my writing head has been busy but my editing head has not yet woken up.

    Reading it back I can see it was a bit odd Polly going straight to that beach hut. I need to make more of the bit where she sees the old man there. Make him beckon her maybe. I will do more jumping up and down etc too rather than just telling. Thanks again

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