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  • Hi Julie

    Thanks so much for your generous and very helpful feedback. Food for thought indeed.

    The children are real people, and have the misfortune to be my grandchildren. Selma is “almost five”, but you make a very good point about age.

    I certainly don’t want the ending to be “preachy”, and am grateful for the thought. I think it only really applies to the third last paragraph, but I’ll think hard about deleting the final three.

    Many thanks again, and all the very best with your own work.


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    • The 'preachy' referred to this part: This stirring story goes to show, What every girl and boy should know, That in our lives, what really counts, Are grit and grace in large amounts. You could just cut these lines if you want to keep your ending. I hope I didn't offend you, just trying to help :)

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