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Useful. Looking forward to putting them into action. 
by Mary E Black
Since joining Townhouse I’ve enjoyed reading people’s work in progress and offering a bit of feedbac…
by Hilary Moon
I've just seen, also, that your layout could have ALONE through the O in TROUBLE, which allows PRESE…
by Rick Yagodich
Thanks Rick - that makes sense. I'm going to play with that concept. Have a great rest of the day!!!…
by Kelly Ronsheimer
Ha ha, Poggle. That photo of WG is of him dressed in his stage get-up, as an old country farmer who …
by TonyL
Same here, Sarita.  I'd love to.
by Charlie Brown
Hi IainThanks for reading and giving feedback. The reason for this experiment was I recently read a …
by michellesalter
Late to the party but,   'Custom dictates that Spartan boys receive only modest rations, so they gro…
by Choccy
That's an interesting point, Kelly - that you're transcribing an actual experience.It illustrates on…
by Rick Yagodich
Hi Bella! I just read this all the way through. I want to thank you so much. The phone call is not a…
by Kelly Ronsheimer
Sevillana by adoption, Benedict. In Andalucia we use Don Simón for mixing (though never with coke) a…
by Sarita
There's no such thing as a dumb question.The answer is fairly simple. The issue with telling is that…
by Rick Yagodich