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Gosh - this all sounds incredibly complicated. Do you not find that all this organisation gets in th…
by Datco
'All is Lost' ? (I claim my prize)
by Iain Charles
I know this feeling. Time helps - let your work rest, this works for me. But then again - if I read …
by Gunita
Good shout. How could I forget to include that on my list? It is an excellent book. Thanks for the n…
by Chris Lofts
https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TropesJust came across this site listing loads of tropes…
by emmaloo
Hi Iain,Thank you so much for your reply, it would be grand to continue hearing from you. Discipline…
by Kevin Catterall
Rick, DatcoMany thanks for your comments. Most helpful
by SeanA
Hi Emma - thanks for joining in – this has been a discussion that has really stimulated some great t…
by Martin Roberts
I am not a lawyer but I would think you are are on perfectly safe ground here so long as you are not…
by Iain Charles
I'll scribe a chapter, then edit it once maybe twice at most, then move on to the next chapter. My p…
by wilson.smillie
I agree with the others in that it is done when and only when you you feel it is.  Your manuscript w…
by Charlie Brown
I think the correct answer is: It depends. The only hard and fast rule really is that you should hav…
by EmilyH