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That last reply was for Datco (I thought this forum would allow individual replies).Iain Charles: I …
by 26left
Thanks Rick, self-publishing isn't on my radar either at the moment (never say never) but even with …
by Datco
Calling all members of Jericho Writers - we've just added the next date for Slushpile LIVE to the we…
by Sarah Juckes
I’m just back from the Winchester Writers Festival where a publisher told us he publishes the print …
by Hilary Moon
Which agents have you approached? Are you pitching a memoir or novel?
by Paula Robinson Rossouw
I really hate to see so many writers becoming discouraged and feeling unnecessary pain over the phen…
by David Snyder
Thanks for the feedback on it Alex Money. I've been considering using it when it comes time to write…
by Alexis Johnson