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Thank you Sarah. Great to have all this info on how to use the TH.
by Miliza Scarano
Useful. Looking forward to putting them into action. 
by Mary E Black
My favourite books from female writers include (and this takes me back to my childhood 😀) 'Viking Qu…
by Jordan Slater-Cuthbertson
Since joining Townhouse I’ve enjoyed reading people’s work in progress and offering a bit of feedbac…
by Hilary Moon
Gosh - this all sounds incredibly complicated. Do you not find that all this organisation gets in th…
by Datco
'All is Lost' ? (I claim my prize)
by Iain Charles
That last reply was for Datco (I thought this forum would allow individual replies).Iain Charles: I …
by 26left
I've just seen, also, that your layout could have ALONE through the O in TROUBLE, which allows PRESE…
by Rick Yagodich
I know this feeling. Time helps - let your work rest, this works for me. But then again - if I read …
by Gunita
I just picked up an old Penguin copy of 'A Room With A View' for a change from all the new work I've…
by trudi
Good shout. How could I forget to include that on my list? It is an excellent book. Thanks for the n…
by Chris Lofts
8 came across this site listing loads of tropes…
by emmaloo