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Useful. Looking forward to putting them into action. 
by Mary E Black
Thank you Sarah. Great to have all this info on how to use the TH.
by Miliza Scarano
Rick, Thanks again. so much food for thought.
by Alan Drwm
Blaine,Sure. I do many things but I guess for these purposes you can say I am the author of How to M…
by David Snyder
I really hate to see so many writers becoming discouraged and feeling unnecessary pain over the phen…
by David Snyder
Hi IainThanks for reading and giving feedback. The reason for this experiment was I recently read a …
by michellesalter
Wow Roger! I think some of that exposition could go into the description in your novel. You are like…
by Kelly Ronsheimer
Hi Emma - thanks for joining in – this has been a discussion that has really stimulated some great t…
by Martin Roberts
Sorry for the late reply and naturally thanks for your comments. I think you have hit the nail on th…
by Roger Short
Jenny Juniper and chrissy , from what I've gathered there is one login/password for Jericho, and one…
by Giselle
Yvonne Lee: I was born in Kendal, grew up in that area, lived in Carlisle for uni, then York for a w…
by Eliza_Do_Lots
Ha ha, Poggle. That photo of WG is of him dressed in his stage get-up, as an old country farmer who …
by TonyL