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Hi Caroline

It's a shame you've missed the opportunity to grab e-mail addresses from your existing readers, but I think getting a website up and running would be sensible a a first step. Your e-mail marketing and thereby your e-mail list can all be done from there too. I used Wix.com - not perfect but satisfactory for my short - medium term needs.

You would need to put your website address in the back matter of your existing books and offer something free to future readers who sign up to your list.  

If you have social media at all, then I would ensure you let everyone know about your new website once it's up and running, but preferably only once you have written something from them for free to download to encourage them to hand over that precious e-mail address, otherwise they may just read your blog and leave.

I only have one book out and using Harry's method, I have been able to already build a small e-mail list - around 50 members (should be double that by the time my second book comes out), but I know for sure these are people who liked my book and will almost certainly buy the next one...and of course I have their e-mails to be able to let them know when that will be available!

Hope that helps


PS I don't have Facebook and am playing around the fringes with Instagram.

    • Thanks Helen. I guess I was nervous about launching a website when I wasn't confident I would do more than just one book. I think I have the bug now. I have a strong FB and Twitter profile and sell most of my books via there but think I will need to bite the bullet and get a website. As a non techie person - is it fairly easy to do?

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      • Mmm. I have to say I am not great at tech at all, so I asked my daughter to do it for me. She set up the basic website using a WIX template and showed me how to add content etc after that. It worked well and now I add my own blogposts, send my own emails to readers etc etc but I do ask her the odd question from time to time. I don't think I could have done it on my own. I know people (including Harry) are always saying 'it's really simple' but the reality for non techy people is it is not!!

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        • Definitely could do with setting a website up too. I’ve got an old Wordpress one, which I never update so could probably do with something better. Let us know how you get on.

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          • Will do. Just need to decide who to use and how to do it but will get it done before I publish my next book.

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          • if you want, take a look at mine - I'm dead chuffed with it. If it does what you would need yours to, then go for it!


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            • Your website is fabulous. I just had a look and I think you, or your daughter or both, have done a great job. I've got a very basic one for the books and looking at yours I realised it was time to get a proper job done. Well done.

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