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Just posted this in the Lounge for wider commenting, but would appreciate any thoughts from people in this group with our special interests:

I'm struggling with a series title - 1 WIP and 3 others plotted with more in my head. 

The stories are based around the various definitions of Chaos: disorderly mess (dictionary); Nietzche's quote about needing chaos in ourselves to make a dancing star; Lorenz's scientific Chaos Theory (the one about the butterfly's flapping wings); Chaos magic and the manipulation of belief systems; and the Greek concept of the void before creation. An extension of the Greek one is very important to the plots, but they all come into play at some time.

I was going to call the series Chaos Gnosis. Now, having read all the posted discussion about the Flesch-Kincaid reading scores, I'm very worried that the title could be too 'adult'. Do people think modern readers would know what gnosis means? Should I go with The Knowledge of Chaos Series instead?  On a book cover, that would take up a lot of space when added to the titles of each book. 

I don't want to write down to readers but equally, could I be shooting myself in the authorial foot by using the word Gnosis?

Any thoughts, ideas, comments?

    • Hi Carol. Your ideas sound so interesting! Out of the two options, I'd be more drawn to 'The Knowledge of Chaos Series' as a series title. It has a good ring to it, in my opinion. The title might be long in combination with the main title for each book, but the main titles could be short, and the series descriptor can be smaller. I'm interested to know what others think too! :-)  

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      • Thanks, Gwenhyver.  Hope they do turn into something which others will enjoy and find interesting. 

        There have been some helpful comments and suggestions in the Lounge group, if you're interested in others' thoughts.

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      • I agree with Gwenhyver, your work does sound interesting and quite original. I also think The Knowledge of Chaos Series sounds better. Looking over your description, Chaos Magic might also apply.

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        • Hi Sara. Thanks. I'm working hard to make something different and original. 

          I've had a few suggestions of how to shorten the alternative series title, from my post in the Lounge. 

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        • 'Chaos Gnosis' doesn't roll off the lips easily. I'd recommend steering clear and coming up with something simple. 

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