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Congratulations Lynn Love on the upcoming publication of Daughter of the Darkness Two out October 1st.

Your short story is gorgeous with rich prose that conjures up visceral images and the plotting is masterful. It showcases your talent beautifully. You should be so proud! How you are not snapped up already by the big 5 for a debut novel - I will never know. But it's coming. And I will be here cheering you on! 

She wont blow her own trumpet so I have borrowed it and blowing it for her! 

The Daughters are back! This time with a new quartet of women horror writers to thrill and scare you, in the latest anthology, Daughters of Darkness II, from the women-run indie horror press, Black Angel.

Within these shadowed pages you will journey into the depths of the myth-rich Scottish countryside, into the horrors of suburban life, where beneath the skin of Hummingbird Academy true macabreness ferments. You will encounter haunted girls and young men, with dark and deadly secrets, and travel into the Gothic heartlands, culminating in the hell of WW1 and encounter who or what comes home from the trenches.

These are four women horror writers at the top of their game, conjuring stories of quiet, skin-creeping terror.

    • I just saw this great news. Fantastic, Lynn! Well done. I can’t  wait to read this! 

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      • Aww,  Thank you,  Elaine 😊

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      • Congratulations, Lynn. That's wonderful news!

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        • Way to go, Lynn! Congrats!

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          • Wow! Yay!!!

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            • Hey Lynn see I told you you’d do it 🎉🎉🎉🎉 massive congratulations. Can’t wait to read. 

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