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Hello everybody. I just joined.

My profile says: "So I finished my book: 140,000 words of humorous science-fiction fantasy about a meek monk, his mixed-up mates and some surly monsters. Only poured a few years and my whole soul into the writing and editing, to discover the funniest thing about it is... I tried so hard and it's crap."

Two out of the eight agents I approached made some vaguely positive comments. "You write well," said one. "I did enjoy reading your work," said the other. But no one asked to read the whole thing. My family and friends tried. They found it unreadable. 

Who can blame them? My novel isn't just humorous science-fiction fantasy. It's slightly-literary over-written extremely-long deeply-serious humorous science-fiction fantasy with jokes about priests beating children.

So here I am. After a summer of angst I am not giving up. I am discovering a world of advice about how to involve your readers: how to plot and build suspense and create characters. Maybe I'll even discover a way to apply it to my story.


    • Welcome! If you can write one 140,000 word piece, you can write another (and maybe you'll see as you write how it can be kept down to 100,000).

      I'm curious as to why exactly you think it's crap. I don't mean why do you have the same self-doubt as the rest of us, I mean what is it about the novel that you think is weak? Is it the style? the pretension (not your word, but I'm reading between your lines)? Or is it that the story is too weak/stretched/over-complex/confused? Or something else?

      Invest time in the webinars and the recordings of past online events. You'll find several that pick on most of the above, and much more besides. Enjoy!

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      • Do. Not. Give. Up. If you've been told that you write well by an agent, look to that as a major positive. There have been many remarkable novels that have been rejected countless times upon an initial read. 

        Whenever it seems that I am lost without hope for publication, I refer to Roosevelt's 'Man in the Arena' speech. For me, if I'm going to fail, I'll do so while daring greatly. Just keep writing. 

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        • Thank you all so much for your interesting and encouraging comments. It's wonderful to have writers to talk to! 

          I'm looking forward to seeing your work and helping out where I can.

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          • So you finished a 140,000 word novel. That puts you ahead of 70% of people who start to write. Whatever the quality of your writing - and it sounds as if you're beating yourself up a bit too much - you've got persistence. That's probably a more important attribute than talent. Second thing you've got: the ability to learn. Third thing: the determination to keep going. The future looks better all the time. Enjoy your journey. 

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            • Congratulations for finishing your book. I think you should pat yourself on the back a) You actually did write a novel and I’m sure it’s not crappy at all and b) You scored an agent’s feedback. So hang onto the positives and keep going! 

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