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Does anyone else use Facebook Ads and find that they don’t deliver anymore? I’ve barely sold anything when I’ve used them the last couple of times. Had lots of ‘likes’ but just no follow up. I wondered if they’ve changed something?

    • They've worked for me, although the return was at best break even. I experimented a lot until I found the right graphics, messaging, and targeting. My call to action was an Amazon Associates link to the book's Amazon page so I could see both the click through rate (from FB) and the conversion rate (from Amazon). The best I achieved was about £35 in gross revenue from a £20 ad, and that would fall off over time.

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      • They worked for me until this month. As you say not a massive amount. On a good month, I’d get £80-£100 off a £30 add. But this month I’ve barely had anything.

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        • I've found them a bit lackluster, too. More work than they're worth, really. It was a great learning experience, but I don't think I'll be using them anymore.

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          • Mark Dawson runs a course about self-publishing that is really well respected and he teaches about ads and how to make them work for you if you're interested. I haven't done it myself (financial reasons), but if you can, I think it's well worth your time. 


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            • I have found something similar this month. The last ad I did in August was worth doing as I got double the sales versus the costs but I did one about a week ago and sold barely anything. Didn't achieve half the clicks or views. 

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