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Day 12: NaNoWriMo 

Let's talk about speed... Yes, it's good to be fast but sometimes we can't be. Someone running their first marathon isn't going to be the fastest one. The most important thing is that they FINISH THE RACE. It doesn't matter how. Walking, running, jogging, crawling. Whatever they need to do to get to that finish line. The most important thing is to keep placing one foot in front of the other. Progress is not measured in quickness, but in distance. Are you at a different point today than yesterday? 

Characters in our books are going on a journey and how boring would that journey be if everything went perfectly fine. Enjoy your journey & have fun!

    • They say if your plot is flagging, put something in to liven it up or challenge the characters. I've never almost drowned anyone in my books before, so this was a first. And I had to leave my three most major characters about to drown when I went to bed last night. Then this morning, instead of rushing in to rescue them, I had to have an argument with my credit card provider. But while I was waiting on the phone to speak to an actual person, I managed nearly 1,000 words (yes, it was a long wait!). And over 1k more at lunchtime. And now they're rescued but more is going on that I hadn't anticipated. Can't wait till after work to find out what happens next!

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      • I chose to do nanowrimo as a way to get that first draft out quickly (I typically get caught up in editing as I write). Breaking that habit is tougher than I imagined. But, I'm glad to see the results of sticking to a daily word count. There are definitely takeaways in this experience.

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        • Nearly halfway to 50k - I'm sure that's because we're all cheering one another on, thank you. I can manage  a couple of thousand words a day it seems before I run out of ideas, though there may not be many pearls in there. I need to think of the next hurdle to put the characters over. It's a bit static - lots of talk not enough action. Time to throw a curveball? (and possibly stop mixing my metaphors).

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          • Maggie, a curveball may be just the thing! I think it was Raymond Chandler who said that if the plot is flagging, have a guy come into the room with a gun. It sounds like you're maybe telling a lot of back story, which may be more relevant to you than to your readers, or you may be writing a very detailed plan, rather than progressing the action? You might want to watch the relevant parts of Harry's How to Write video course (if you haven't seen it - or re-watch if you have). He has some great ideas for getting out of a rut.

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            • Thanks Karen, I'll watch it. Part of the problem is that I haven't done any plotting beforehand - only decided to do NaNo 3 days before November 1st. I'm dithering about who to kill off next so focussing on characterisation via conversation because that's easiest to write. But I think I've found a way in, just need to get my ducks (characters) in a row (or perhaps a row - I think a good fight is what they need). Sorry can't resist.

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