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Day 30 of NaNoWriMo... the end of the line or is it?

Sorry I didn't get a chance to post anything earlier but I had a hair appointment today. Mental note to self: Never schedule anything on the last day of NaNo. I stayed up super late last night and managed over 6k in 4 hours. That is along with doing some research. Did anyone else know that you can pre-order picnic baskets at Hampton Court Palace? 

I hope you're all accomplishing your dreams and celebrating your wins. However big or small. Each one of you has invested so much into your WiP. Even if you don't have 50k by midnight, you'll have more than when you started. I'm so proud of each one of us! You've got this!!!

    • Congratulations to everyone!! 

      Whatever the word count by the end of tonight, we've accomplished incredible things this month. Way to consistently show up to the page, shut down that inner critic, and tell the tale! 

      No matter where you are in the midst of the WIP (finished the SFD, still drafting, etc.), you are farther than you would have been if you'd never accepted the NaNoWriMo challenge. I'm so happy to have shared this month writing with you all!! 

      And Brigitte C, thanks again for your daily posts and encouragement!! I hope you love your new hair. :-)

      Best wishes to all of you as you move forward. Happy writing (or editing, or marinating, or incubating, as the case may be)!!

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      • I am an hour away from midnight and I couldn't be happier. I don't necessarily mean with my word count but with having spent November with fellow NaNos. We have risen to the challenge, written daily (well almost daily in my case) and left our inner editors tapping their feet since 31st October.  Brigitte you are an absolute legend in encouraging and sharing with us your own NaNo journey. Bravo/brava everyone. I shall miss this. 

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        • Julia, why do we have to stop? Why can’t we just carry on? Might lead to madness, but, what the heck?

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          • I'm down for some madness. All the best people are a little mad... aren't they?

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            • Geoff, you are right! I'm happy to crack on and without the pressure of the word count. Brigitte, yes, I believe we writers are all a little mad. 😁

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            • Of course we're mad - we wouldn't put ourselves through all the pressure if we weren't! Happy to be so, however, and to continue with the group, sharing, and writing.

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              • I know I’m mad. It’s only my insanity that keeps me sane.

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