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NEW TOPIC... how many books did you get for Christmas? Our record is 48 books for 3 people (when our oldest was still home)... This year we did 11 for the 2 of us, with most of them being mine! I even got SAVE THE CAT! Though I've been using the worksheet, and a cliff notes summary for a while, it's interesting to read the actual original book... 

I'm half-finished reading my 3rd novel (and several chapters into STC at the same time)... and I've written 4 chapters on Bill's book (which I didn't finish in time for Christmas), but those were mainly rewrites along the new lines (remember my head exploding?), so easy peasy... 

And its been a nice relaxing Christmas week!

    • Hi Jo, I didn't get any books this year - we're not into presents you can't eat or drink. But just before Christmas I downloaded 7 that I discovered on Amazon while trying to find something else. They're mainly memoirs about the place/people  I've written my memoir about. One day I'm hoping those authors will be able to buy mine. And that will happen sooner if I manage to read the other one I got - on procrastination - must get around to reading that! And there's Save the Cat too.

      However, this week I have managed to get quite a way into my flatplan on the novel I'm about to edit next month. I wrote the book before I knew what a flatplan was and have copy-edited it once before (when I hadn't a clue about structural edits) so I now know lots of places where I'll be making changes/adding stuff and the plan will keep me on track, hopefully. I've been pleased that I'm already sticking to a daily writing (and other things) schedule I set out last week ready for the 2022. Plus there's a radio monologue I'm going to submit in a couple of weeks too, written years ago and improved earlier this year - lots of competition for scripts but what the hell? I'm going to keep trying new things.

      All the best for the New Year.

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      • Good for you! Let us know how it goes... I didn't count books I downloaded... add another dozen at least, as my DH gave me Kindle Unlimited recently... he also gave me a lifetime ProWritingAid membership, so he's very supportive. This week I have literally been writing about 8-9 hours a day, but I know I can't keep that up, as I have a business to run! I told everyone I was closed between Christmas and New Years, so this week has been my "all about books" week (both mine and reading others).

        I'm finding Save the Cat interesting... but its really just expanding on the great summary I got in one of the newsletters I subscribe to - and the worksheet that writer created makes it even easier to use...

        Here's to everyone continuing to learn and grow in 2022... and as my DH's great-great-aunt wrote in her Christmas card BE GONE DAMN COVID!

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      • It's funny - I was just saying to some of my colleagues earlier that this was the first year in a long time when I didn't get given any books for Christmas. But I did get a fair bit of money, so I can buy quite a few if I want to.

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        • Now you sound like my daughter (who is her mother's child)... we sent her 100£ for her birthday (both our girls are living in England at the moment, though we're in Canada)... Anyway, her first reaction was "SO MANY BOOKS!"

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        • OMG, I may have to shoot that same daughter!! I was checking out the rest of the books I received for Christmas (that I haven't read yet), and besides SAVE THE CAT... she gave me something called CAIN'S JAWBONE.

          Have you heard of this book? It was originally written back in 1934, so first of all, stylized English...

          But when it was written they DELIBERATELY mixed up the pages. They SAID it was an accident, and offered a reward to anyone who could sort the pages out, figure out who the 6 murder victims were, and their murderers. Apparently the British love a puzzle.

          So, some group called UNBOUND.COM have re-published this book, and are offering a prize until 12/2022 to anyone who solves it. 

          EVERY page has dotted lines for cutting, and there are 99 pages you have to re-order. Apparently only THREE people have ever solved it.

          Seriously, should I shoot her now?

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          • I'd be tempted (to look for a gun that is). I saw something about it in the books pages of the paper. I doubt I would have the patience to try, never mind succeed, even though I'm a Brit. Save your creative energy for your own projects, would be my advice.

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            • CAIN's JAWBONE seems like the sort of puzzle researchers of the Dead Sea Scrolls, regularly have to deal with. And something interesting to get to grips with. 

              If you want to become fluent in stylized English of the 1930's, a good start is in reading the memoirs of officers who served in the First World War. For example, Adventures of a Motorcycle Despatch Rider during The First World War by Major William Henry Lowe Watson. The tone of the book makes The First World War sound like a jolly adventure and a bit of a laugh. Then migrate through the various Biggles books, and dare I mention, the Billy Bunter books and comic strips?

              I've just looked up CAIN'S JAWBONE on Amazon, and read the description given. Jo, it's a good job you're in Canada, and you daughter is in England. Don't shoot her. The problem is solvable through logic and intelligent reading. 

              I'm still trying to solve plot inconsistences and missing bits in my NaNoWriMo 50K words. Now up to 61K words.

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