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I'm in the final stages of a novel. Would anyone care to go over the first three chapters, take a look at a synopsis of each of the 29 chapters plus Glossary, help me finalize a name and advise on how to write an overall synopsis of a complex plut in such a small allowed number of words?

    • I only wish it were that simple. This is a VERY complicated plot. with twists and turns, lots of suspense and sub plots. If I reduce it to 500 words, most of the suspense/subplots are missing. The best I've done so far is 800 words.

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      • Hi William, and congratulations on your novel !

        In addition to what L. replied on the dreaded synopsis, perhaps a word about your main character? If you're trying to seduce an agent with a crime novel, introducing said agent to a character that stands out from other crime-solving characters, someone the agent would want to follow. As for the invite to first three chapters, I'm willing.

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        • I can either mail them to you or put them into Box and send the link. I firewalled all Social Media. We like our privacy! 

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        • Your synopsis should focus on your primary plot. You shouldn’t add all subplots to a synopsis. Also be ruthless with your prose and tighten it as much as possible. Every word should pull its weight and any strenuous words or prose should be cut. 

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          • Hi William, 

            There was a synopsis worksheet on JW. I found it very useful. Not sure if it's still available as it was a while ago but perhaps worth an email.

            Good luck


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            • If you are still in need of someone to have a look; I'd be happy to. Please send a PM if interested.

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