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I have a question for alumni of the Self Edit course. I'm signed up this summer for the course but I'm unsure how much time I should be planning to set aside for it. I wondered how others coped with studying alongside normal commitments. :)

    • Hi Rebecca - it's a fabulous course. You're going to love it. As to how much time it takes up, that's quite flexible, but it is very much the more you put in the greater the benefit you'll get from it.

      The least amount of time would be to simply read the notes, polish your extract, then wait for Debi's feedback.

      But it is recommended you give feedback yourself on everybody's extracts. You can then compare your thoughts to Debi's, and that's a big part of the learning process. But also time consuming.

      It really is worth planning to make some daily time, if you can.

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      • Oh brill! Thanks Kate! That's really helpful and gives me a good idea of what to plan for. I'm keen to get the most out of it that I can. I'm really looking forward to it I have to say. 

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