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So having been chastised by Jo for not posting recently (along with the rest of us slackers!), I thought I'd give you an update on my 'free' writing sessions that I won. I missed the first one as the link didn't work, but I've attended all the others so far. However, tomorrow's one follows what may be a full day of taking minutes, so I may be 'all typed out' and have to go back and do in in retrospect some time.

So far during the sessions, I've finished two short stories, written about two-thirds of another, and also written a non-fiction piece for a website that my partner and I run. I seriously lost my mojo for several weeks, though it's coming back now, thank goodness, but having these sessions to attend has meant that at least I'm writing something twice a week, for which I'm very grateful.

What's everyone else been up to that's kept them away from this forum?

    • Oops! Didn't mean to chastise! You've certainly not been slacking, from the sounds of it. I do enjoy hearing what everyone has been up to though...

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      • I've been boring, and just plodding along. Since completing NaNoWriMo, I have been steadily going through the 50,000 words, and checking for grammar and spelling mistakes - when doing NaNoWriMo, I took the view the 50K words was the target, and it didn't matter if the words were correct or not. I've also been editing at the same time, and trying to fill out the annoying holes in the plot.

        I've now arrived at what I call my revision 2, and instead of taking words out, more words have gone in. Word count now at 66K, and there are still some holes to fill in. 

        I've also created another version in Scrivener (mainly as an exercise in getting to learn how Scrivener works.) Once I've buffed and honed my current project, I'll go back to the other two I've got on the go.

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        • Jo, I don't feel like I've been very productive. I've skipped two of the Tuesday sessions - one because I'd been taking minutes all day and was square-eyed from looking at a screen, and one because I had nothing I wanted to write. And I really thought I'd have finished The Rainbow Mirror story by now, but I haven't. It's a much longer story, as it turns out, than I ever expected it to be. 

          I'm still not feeling very motivated, but very thankful for these sessions, as they mean I've been writing at least once a week, when I probably wouldn't have written at all since New Year. I don't know what, when or if I'll continue to write when they finish next week, but perhaps a bit of encouragement from my friends will help with that?

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