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Hi all. I`m new to the group and really here to learn more about self publishing. I`ve been traditionally published (non-fiction) in the past and hope to be again soon with a current WIP, but considering options with my novel. Looking forward to learning from everyone and hearing success stories about your own self publishing efforts.


    • Welcome, Neil! I'm sure your track record in publishing will help you with either self-publishing or traditional publishing for your novel. Knowledge of how it all works is a good starting point!

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      • Thanks Sarah.

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      • Welcome Neil. Is your WIP non-fiction too?

        Lots of helpful folk in this group and I'm trying to take in all their good advice as I'm hoping to self pub. too.

        The really great thing about those who post on here is that no-one minds admitting when things go awry or just don't work, so we can all learn from their experiences. I love that honesty and openness and feeling that everyone is in the same boat.

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        • Hi Carol, thanks. Yes, the WIP referred to is non-fiction too and currently with an agent who I did a 1-2-1 with a couple of weeks ago and surprised me by her excitement about the book, so fingers crossed but I`m not under any illusions!

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          • Hi Neil, I have self-published two books via Amazon KDP. I tried the traditional route first with no success and decided to go it alone. I do enjoy the control you have over your product but it's hard work marketing and trying to drive up sales. You have to have a social media presence and I am doing something every day to market. My third book is due out in the next couple of weeks and I haven't even tried to pitch it. Just went straight to self-pub.

            Obviously if making money is the objective then self-publishing is unlikely to make you a millionaire unless you are really lucky. 

            Good luck with whatever you decide to do. Caroline

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            • Welcome Neil! Jericho has all sorts of useful resources on the topic, so you're definitely in the right place. Good luck & keep us posted

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