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Head's Up: Camp NaNoWriMo is next month! https://nanowrimo.org/what-is-camp-nanowrimo

I think I might go non-traditional and work on editing my manuscript!

    • Hi Brigitte, Sounds like a plan! Good luck, you sounded a bit down on webinar chats recently. Perhaps this is a way out of that? I've been v affected by lethargy plus the news here and of course in Europe.

      However, I've done a bit last month and this on another MS though not as regularly or as concentratedly as I did in November on that book. Maybe I'll go back to that or maybe carry on with the current edit - either way, I hope to see you on the Nano forum soon

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      • Brigitte, I'm tempted to imitate Brenda from Bristol, and say "You're joking? Not another one."

        My NaNoWriMo effort from November has been purged of typo's and bad grammar, and has now been moved to the "festering pile". Which means I'm leaving it alone while I work on a previous story, which is getting a rewrite, and a major overhaul. 

        April and July are not good months to be writing. The sun is starting to come out, and that means my cursed mistress (my classic car) is calling to me, and demanding that I attend to all those little jobs that need to be done.  

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        • Geoff Timms you don't have to do it... Lol. I'm going to be editing & re-drafting. I like the accountability of having a goal, working with others and getting it done. Hush now... every month is a good month to be writing!

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          • Geoff Timms you do know I'm joking...right? Just playing....

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            • Brigitte, I did say that the sun is coming out. That means when I'm walking the dog down the old bridleway, inspiration can strike. For example, in the late afternoon, seeing sudden shafts of golden light pierce the tangled trees and shrubs, illuminating midges dancing their vertical ballet in the narrow corridor of warmth. I didn't say I was going to stop scribbling....just need to get out more to work out how to weave everyday life into my stories.

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            • You may remember that I won attendance at a series of writing hours in January and February. Well, the group all enjoyed it so much, we're keeping it going, so I now have an ongoing two separate hours a week when I can show up and write. Something I started a few years ago, that I thought was probably a long short story has turned into something more as I've been showing up for these hours, so I could do Camp NaNo with the intention to work on that project.

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              • Hi Karen, you've just reminded me that I need to show up for all the hours I've already blocked out for writing in my diary. Thank you! will be trying harder to follow your excellent example. 

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