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Hi All, Having totally failed to update my progress in February (despite having out-performed my goal I forgot to go back and update on the site), I am now refocussed on getting through another edit of my book this April and so I have signed up to review all 80k words during the month.  I've been very lazy this March so I'm hoping for motivation.

Fingers crossed. Hope to see others posting here too. 

    • Good luck, Maggie.

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      • I’ve also signed up for the April NaNoWriMo malarkey.

        Why do you think you’ve been lazy during March? One person’s version of laziness is another person’s vision of frenetic activity. For me, just steadily plodding along like a tortoise, hits the spot.

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        • I'm more a stop/start type, Geoff, mixed with an unhealthy self-sabotage streak. March has had some good bits, but fewer than I'd intended. Am starting to remedy that from today.

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          • You know that you can backdate on the NaNo site right? Under progress updates. Select the + and you can select the date & put in the total number of words. You can guess the dates that you did it if you want to see the tracking. Hope is never lost.

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            • I didn't, Brigitte, so thank you very much. I had a go but couldn't update at first because the time period had elapsed (end Feb). But when I told it the end date was now 31st March it let me add total progress to date. I wouldn't have tried if you hadn't told me it was possible. And I see on the April project (same book, next round of edits) that it says you can backdate as you said so if I backslide again - what are the odds? - I'll use that then. 

              So I'm counting this as the re-start of editing. and telling myself I've started so I'll finish... 

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