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Hi Libby and Georgina, thanks for the replies. I'm focusing on early 19th century US and my readership would probably include people interested in the history and and wars of that period. I've been looking on places like Goodreads and public libraries. Probably any good historical novel set during a time of upheaval in any period would be helpful. At the moment I'm struggling to get the event timeline and character actions coordinated. It's easy to get caught up in the historical minutiae.

    • Hi Kate, Cormac McCarthy is a go to author. At present I'm listening to Blood Meridian on audiobook. He evokes a sense of time and place which I've never come across before. Characters are perfectly drawn, and minute details do not seem boring. There is also the border trilogy, or all the All the Pretty Horses. Or if you prefer a twentieth century crime/history story. I'll send you the first 3 chapters of my novel. (A Whisper of Crows). I admit it does need polishing, but I like to get some feedback. Contact me on messenger if you are interested. Regards Richard.   

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