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I've just watched module 5 about author brand and website and am wondering whether it's all too early to set this up when I only have one novel that isn't even published yet. Is it worth starting the process with just one book or is it better to wait until you have more books ready to release?  

    • I am struggling with that too - though I have self-published a child's book I wrote for my granddaughter, it's just on amazon.ca and I'm not really pushing it... I've sold about 3 dozen copies (not through Amazon though (sigh)). This one is small enough I print it myself (in my day job I publish needlework designs, so I have a $10,000 printer that does a nice job, but am NOT set up for novel length)...

      Anyway, sidetracked there... I too would be interested in this, as I just sent my first (official) novel out to Beta readers, so it's not even ready for publication yet... I read a lot of blogs and newsletters, and they all seem to suggest started IMMEDIATELY... but what to set up (website / blog?) and what to say?

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      • I definitely think it's worth having a website early on. A friend pointed out to me that it takes time for Google to 'find' (can't remember proper digital term) your website, so the earlier you start the more chance readers have of finding it when the time comes. At the start it probably only needs to be simple. I also think it helps to do it when you're not knee-deep in actual self-publishing tasks. Much easier to update a website you already have than to start from scratch when you're working on book edits and cover designs.

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        • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) He he.

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        • Hi Pete.

          I faced the same conundrum. I'm still in the middle of writing my first novel, but I decided to get a web presence out there (website, Twitter, Facebook, mailing list, reader magnet) so that I can (hopefully) build an audience who will be primed for when I publish. It's been a massive distraction from the writing, though, and I'm only now getting back into a writing routine. I'm pleased with what I have, though. Even if I don't have huge numbers of visitors yet (unsurprisingly), it is somewhere to direct anyone who shows an interest. And I still have plenty of time to build that mailing list...

          Take a peek at PaulCMercer.com    

          Happy to chat, if you want on advice on the technicalities etc.

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