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I'm writing romance in 2 POVs. It's commercial and already an agent has commented on changing POV within a scene. They don't approve. Having done the Self-edit course with Debi, I am aware of head-hopping, so have tried to use the narrator to navigate the change. Tonight, Debi explained why it's frowned upon - commercial has to appeal to the masses - so need to make it very clear by using the narrator to tell reader whose POV.

    • Detailed feedback will be coming soon, Dawn! But don't forget this is just one agent's opinion. They may have decided that was the reason the story didn't work for them but other readers might disagree.

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      • It was a comment the agent made in the sample she returned before asking for the Full MS. 2 agents wanted characters thoughts in italics! 

        Tonight's explanation was excellent. The Bridges of Madison County changes POV in almost every paragraph, but I always knew which POV I was in. Have read that critics slammed it until our Clint Eastwood made the film. Made the author a millionaire!

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