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Hi JPK, I've just read your poem on Spillwords 'The stone in the soup'.  I loved the idea, the story, the characters. Dare I say that I found the five lines a little disconcerting (one line too many, for me) as I couldn't find the rhythm when reading it aloud. I'm used to iambic pentemetre and other such monstrosities learnt at university although I do realise that modern poetry doesn't always follow these precepts.  Here's what I found on a site called Literay Devices.  It's about Meter (rhythm due to the number of syllables in a line) :

"Meter is considered a formal writing tool, particularly as it applies to poetry. It can enhance the rhythmic quality of poetic writing. However, its purpose is to set steady timing in poetic lines with metrical feet, just as a time signature and metronome might set steady timing in a musical work." 

Oh, sorry, this sounds pompous. I'm not giving any lessons. I don't know much about poetry myself. Just thought that you might be interested.  Please feel free to criticise my children's poetry, if you have time. 

  • I think that’s the wonderful thing about poetry- there are so many possibilities and choices about form, structure, rhythm and all sorts. Your children’s poems were lots of fun to read and I could well imagine them as picture books for children, with the rhythm and rhyme really holding the interest. But there’s room for all sorts of other approaches too, from the strictest of forms to completely unrestrained blank verse. I’m new to dabbling in poetry too and mine is most definitely free verse with no discernible metre or rhyme. That doesn’t mean I don’t pay attention to the sound of the poem- I do- but in a much less rigid manner. It’s the variety in poetry that I’m really coming to enjoy, both as a reader and a writer.

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    • Thank you for reading my post.  Yes, I agree there are really no rules and free verse is fine.  Perhaps I was being a bit finicky but in "Stones" there is a rhyme and I simply found the fifth line difficult to articulate when reading out loud.  Perhaps I'd have to be an actress to make it work.  I might add that I love reading poetry out loud whether it be free verse or rhyming verse, so perhaps I'm a bit more quirky than another person if I can't do it right.  I just hope JPK wasn't hurt by what I said, although I sincerely believe it is better to raise interest than to be ignored. Have a nice day!

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    • Hi Anne, thanks for commenting and not at all offended. It's good to get feedback. 

      I like playing around with rhyme schemes and metre, sometimes it works and sometimes not. I guess it is all a matter of how it sounds in one's head. It's a shame that we can't post our readings, it would be interesting to hear different interpretations of the same piece.

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      • Yes, that would be wonderful.  I'd love to hear you read your poem.  I'm sure it would sound deep and yet embroidered with notes of humour.  Keep up the good work.

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