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Performance poetry

Anne made a very good point about 'finding the rhythm' in a poem. What one hears in ones own head when writing is not necessarily what the reader may hear in their head when reading (actually that is one of the things I love about poetry, you can often take from it what you bring to it).

I mentioned that it was a shame that we could not post sound files to this forum, only to find out that I had maligned Jericho and we actually have the ability to post video. Just as an experiment I have recorded a poem and posted it here. In the process of recording I have discovered that I am never likely to make it as a performance poet but I have been told that I have a good face for radio, so that's encouraging.

Let's see if it works...

  • 👍👏👏👏 Well done! A great performance - was it your first time on camera? And the kitchen background was suitable for the subject.  I read your comment about sound files and did wonder - why not? I thought Jericho would be able to do it. 

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    • I'm more accustomed to discussing financial calculations or data structures over video rather than reading poetry. The upsides to that were a/ the audience were interacting and b/ the audience were usually non native English speakers, which gave me the edge.

      Quite enjoyed recitation, felt like doing my 'party piece'. I might try some more on my blog.

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      • You can read for me any day, JPK. I enjoyed it, thank you.

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        • I'm so glad you could share this with us! It's wonderful to hear your poem spoken and though I liked it when I read it, I like it even more now. 

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          • Alas I am deaf so recitals are beyond me so will have to track down the written version at source.  However as well as the odd word (beggarman, farmer) I could hear the rhythm, the beat, and it sounded delightful! 

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            • Thanks Jaye, you can find the original here:-


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