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Happy new Year all. As part of my writing commitments this year, I have decided to do some critiquing work for my fellow townhousers. I'm going to do one review of up to 3,000 words per month on request. This month's slot has already been taken, but if you would like me to look through something next month, please let me know. 

Please do note that my critique is direct though I will always give you a positive or suggested alternative where possible. PM me or comment if you're interested.

  • Wow Sarah. That is a really noble commitment. If I ever get round to writing 3000 half decent words I might take you up on the offer. How is your own writing going?

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    • Please do, Kate, it is a serious offer, although I can sometimes be slow at responding (I'm not a frequent visitor to Townhouse, more a flurrier, so a smaller commitment is to check in once a week to see if I have any requests). My writing is going ok, right now. working on a two volume stand alone and plotting for a there volume follow-on from a self-published book that people want to know more about. Its a lot to be going on with, but that makes critiquing even more important, because it helps me see my own work more clearly, so I see it as win/win.

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    • I Sarah sounds good. Might take you up on offer in a couple of months.

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