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Hi Cathy,

I’d love a Beta Reader. Are you interested in Crime with a slightly humorous edge? 

Thanks Georgina 

    • Hi Georgina, how long is your sample or MSS?

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      • That is entirely up to you. The whole manuscript is just under 70,000 words but I could send you a sample if you prefer. I’ve had a couple of Beta readers before and they wanted the whole manuscript and a few questions to answer, but it really is up to you, you are the one kindly doing me a favor. Incidentally, it is all in UK English, not USA English.

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        • Send it!

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        • Cool, thanks. Have you got an email address I could send it to? Would you like it in WORD or PDF?

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          • Either is fine -- if you don't need online editing in Word then pdf I think is safer?


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          •  Let me know which email address it will be coming from so I can look for it!

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            • Thanks. I’ll send it tomorrow from flyfizzi@gmail.com

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            • Hello Cathy,

              I am looking for beta readers for my first novel and wondered if you were available? 

              Here is a short synopsis of the story.

              Quiet Love (word count: 75,800), an interracial love story between an English working-class woman and Cuban émigré set in post-war 1940s London. This is their story.
              Emilio is 17 years old when arrives as a stowaway from Cuba via Florida having survived Jim Crow, violence, and deportation. He takes on a new identity Desmond. He meets Brenda, a working-class English woman at the Flamingo Club in Soho.

              Sliding into the different levels of consciousness through recollections of their past, Brenda and Desmond begin their relationship. Complications arise when Brenda’s eagerness to leave home and begin a life with Desmond fails to live up to her expectations. Their relationship rubs into a background of grief, parental distance, family disapproval, hardship, and broader societal racial prejudice. Her childhood friend, Flo supports her in ways which rekindle their deep friendship as their paths continue to converge throughout their lives.

              The book is deeply situated in everyday life in an emotional family drama touched by the devastation of war.  The overarching theme of the book asks questions about love in the face of social and family racial prejudice, and love of a childhood friend.  

              Thank you so much for your consideration.


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