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Anyone pre-ordering the new Kazuo Ihiguro novel Klara and the Sun? Waterstones have a lovely edition with sprayed page edges. Just pushed the button.image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=373&dpx=1&t=1614088835

    • Congratulations Paul!!

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      • Congratulations Paul! You've landed on your feet... 

        I've read excellent reviews on Klara and the Sun but am still reading (and trying to finish...) Never Let me Go. If I remember well, I didn't quite finish The Remains of the Day either. The thing is, I love Ishiguro's writing but I get a bit impacient with the slow pace of both stories, something to be expected in literary fiction and usually not a problem for me, but Ishiguro has a knack for defying my patience.

         I'll read The Actuality soon (and since you haven't done it) I'm posting a link here for anyone wishing to have a peek inside.

        Well done... we are all so...so... so... envious! 

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        • Thanks Donna, yes slow pace is his hallmark, although 'Klara' isn't that long so will be interesting how it comes across. I'm currently half way through Pullman's 'The Secret Commonwealth', which is long and probably another week's reading, then I will get onto Klara and all will be revealed!

          Thanks so much for your support on The Actuality! :)

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        • Klara and the Sun is on BBC Radio 4 tonight, followed by 10 episodes over 10 days. After the broadcast we can listen to past episodes, currently just Episode 1 as they started today.

          Listen here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000sy2k/broadcasts/upcoming and then add your comments.

          Note to Paul: Is your novel being taken up by BBC Radio 4 as well? If so, please ask for a reader with a british accent... so much nicer!

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          • No, nothing with Radio 4, can't have everything! The audiobook is read by the actress Eva Feiler and she has a lovely (English) accent. She makes Evie (my protagonist) sound very sweet.

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            • Hi, I'm new here, btw, but I've just finished reading Klara and the Sun, and I think it's amazing. It's funny how with writers like Ishiguro you can just fall into the writing, there are no awkward sentences that jar you out of it. Not so sure about the ending, but then I'm extremely hard to please when it comes to endings, so perhaps it's just me! :D

              And to Paul: huge congratulations, that's amazing!!

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              • Thanks V. I really enjoyed Klara and the Sun. I love the premise, particularly the period with Klara in the store, she's so innocent. The way that Klara processes complex information by seeing it in boxes is a stroke of cubist genius. He's such a unique writer that it's pointless musing how one would have perhaps tackled things later differently, as he is what he is! You just have to suspend what you know about how people behave and accept his 'reality'.

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