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Hi everyone, I'm Helen, and I'm writing a fantasy at the moment so  this is my kind of group. I've been with Jericho for a while but haven't been happy with what I was  writing until I decided to try the genre that I love. My novel has split into two along the way and I'm editing the first book now. I hope to meet you all here and swop ideas etc..

    • Nice to meet you Helen! 🙂 I write fantasy too.

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      • Thank you Paul, Kate and Alisa, it's good to meet like-minded people. I've read lots of science fiction but have never dared to write this as I'm not even a little bit technical, but fantasy id fab as your imagination can soar...

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        • Hi Helen. Good to meet you. I'm writing my first Fantasy (olgy) at the moment so would love to connect. Happy Saturday!

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          • Hi Helen! I'm new too. Jericho has been a great community for me. There's comments on my posts every day. I have only been here a few weeks and already my Sci Fi book is better. Have fun!

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            • Hi. Good to 'meet' you. 

              I'm another newbie here. Writing dark fantasy. When I did a first edit of my first book, which was way too long, I discovered that two sub-plots could actually come out without messing things up. I thought the sub-plots were quite good and the first became the start of an entirely new and unexpected story in the series and the second slotted into book 3 nicely. So, I understand how books can seem to naturally divide themselves. 

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