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Jericho Writers is rebranding!

When you’ve been going for as long as we have (eighteen years this Spring!) you need a little refresh every now and again. But above that – it's important to us that we continue to offer writers high-quality, genuinely useful advice in the best way possible. That’s why soon you’ll see an exciting change of brand colours to this regular newsletter, plus a shiny new website! 

Last year, we asked you what you loved about Jericho Writers, and what could be improved. We’ve taken that feedback and incorporated it into a brand style that I really hope you’ll all feel proud to be a part of – one that celebrates and supports all creative writers across fiction and non-fiction, no matter their background.  

We also incorporated your feedback into the new website design. This includes a revamp of the members content area, making the 300 video tutorials; weekly live webinars; AgentMatch; and Ask Jericho easier to find. You’ll also notice a vibrant new page style across the website, which has writing right at its heart – just like us. 

You don’t need to do anything before the switch. At some point overnight, our elves will change things over and we’ll all wake to new colours. You’ll still have access to everything you do now - it will just look a little better (and include some exciting new things!) The Community will be staying exactly the same for now, so you'll still be able to access that in the same way.

Excited about the changes? Have any questions or concerns? Share your thoughts below, or drop us a line direct and we’ll help any way we can. We’re still the same team behind the scenes! 

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    • Thank you, Jericho Writers' Team!

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      • Looking forward to it!

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        • Hi, not logged on for a wee while. It all looks lovely but ...
          ... I can't find the actual Jericho Writers writers website. I pay annually and, as my subs are due soon, I wanted to check my account.
          I just keep getting the Summer Writing Festival and told I can't access anything. Which is fine, as I haven't joined that this year (yet).
          Very confusing - and worrying.
          I'll (try) and check this message tomorrow, otherwise I'll give you good folk a ring.

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          • I use Firefox too, and it works for me, so it's not the browser. It may be a cache problem, so clearing it might help.

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            • Aye, it didn't work on chrome either.
              I've spoken to the ever helpfull elves at Jericho Towers and they're scuttling around with their IT gurus to see what they can do. 👍

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              • Is it that it doesn't work at all, or when you try to log it, it throws a wobbly? (The latter being a sort-of known issue, as I experienced.)

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              • I have just joined Jericho Writers. It all looks great but it wasn’t obvious to me how to reach this part of the site from the main one. Does the Townhouse always need a separate login?

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                • At the moment it does, Chris. But I believe there's currently work going on behind the scenes to integrate the 'members' site and the 'community' site further, so hopefully there'll be a single log-in at some point.

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                • Thanks, Jon. I feared that might be a daft question!

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                  Not logged in users can't 'Comments Post'.