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Member Resources- Searching for a Webinar Video


I have been exploring your new website and went onto member resources to look up a webinar I missed and realised I had no idea what category it should be under. I went to use the 'If you're not sure where to find a video, try searching for it' link and found that it takes me to Agent Match making me unable to search for a video. I just thought you guys should know as I assume it's not meant to take you to Agent Match to search for a video?


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    • Hi,

      I have a similar problem looking for masterclass videos. I watched one yesterday morning, and thought I'd look at a different one today. I'm interested in one called Psychic Distance, presented by Debi Alper. So I searched for "Psychic Distance" and was unable to find it. 

      Is there a page where I can see a list, with links to these videos? it used to be here:

      Thanks, Duncan.

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      • You are both doing better than I am. I log in on the new website, try to access members' material and it will not let me until I join Jericho Writers! Teething problems I guess, but irritating none the less.

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        • Do you mean the panel with Menu, Club, Account, and Cart buttons? Or am I missing something else?

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          • Yes, the Menu etc panel. I'm logged in, or so I'm told, then the site behaves as if I'm not logged in.

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            • Same here.

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            • I am having the same issue Steve. Whatever link I click I just get told I don’t have access as that content is only for logged in members even though I am a logged in member. I also panicked because I couldn’t find a link to Townhouse at all. I had to come here separately via Google. I expect the tech people will iron it all out soon. 

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              • I could not find the Townhouse Link either Kate. I also used google to find the login in page. :)

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              • Hi all, I finally had a chance to login into the new Jericho's today and it took me an hour to navigate it. But, I agree everyone's posts above about difficulty in finding the webinar replays. I found a few in Publishing resources, but it seems you have to use the drop down box to find it under the genre's they're listed under. It feels complicated having to do that.

                I think maybe there should be a direct replay page, so it would be easier to find them. What do you all think?

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                • Hi all,

                  Thanks for all your comments, we really appreciate them. We're currently logging feedback and fixing any snags so I'll pass this all on to the team. If you're having access issues and aren't able to see member content despite being a paying member, please email Writer Support (info@jerichowriters.com) and they'll help you asap!

                  Best wishes,


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                  • Hi, I tried to find the webinar by Kelly Fisher using the search. I went around the houses a bit and gave up in frustration. 

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                    • Thanks, Maria, I thought I'd checked there, but obviously not. 😀  What I actually wanted was the names of the digital-first publishers which I thought would be with the webinar. 

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                      • Oh weird I just looked those out. Is it these? 

                        Kerry's list of digital-first publishers:







                        One More Chapter

                        Embla (Brand new)

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                        • Hi Sarah, Yes that's what I was looking for. Thank you.

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                        • Hi everyone, thanks for this! As with all new websites, there are some teething issues, so this feedback is all super-useful. 

                          For those struggling to get in, do pop an email to info@jerichowriters.com as Holly says here, and our team will get your logins reinstated as a priority. 

                          On finding the content - the new menu system will hopefully make searching for topics of interest easier long-term, but I completely understand that it makes it hard to navigate to recent things meanwhile! Here are a few things to note, which might be useful: 

                          1) Replays will be added to the topic page they relate to (eg: Psychic Distance with Debi Alper is a masterclass in 'Writing Resources' and then both 'Prose' and 'Character'). A link will also be added to the 'Member Events' page once it's available - the button under the event changes from 'Register Now' to 'Watch Replay' - so you can head there this month and see all replays from the Self-Publishing Month (the first event is there now, if you wanted to see).

                          2) We've gone live with a way for everyone to search blog articles, but are working now on a way for you to search videos too. This is a little complicated for lots of techy reasons, but we'll let you know when it's ready to use! Then you can search something like "Debi Alper" and see all videos with her featured, for example. 

                          3) I'm reading these and wondering if perhaps a map might help? I'll see if we can get one made up and available as a download from the Member Dashboard. That will show you what topics are where. 

                          4) I'm also going to make a page now specifically featuring replays from 2021, until the search is ready. Hopefully this will help navigation until that search button is live and I'll post an update here once it's live. I'll also link to it from the top of the 'Member Events' page. A possibly boring behind-the-scenes feature of this new website is that it enables our team to make pages themselves, so we should be able to do stuff like this quickly in the future (hurray!)

                          I'll get those broken links fixed and if there's anything else you can think of that might make things easier, please let me know! This is phase one of a many-phase site, so there are more improvements in the pipeline to come soon :) x

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                          • Just an update on this - you can now see the map on your Dashboard and download it as a PDF. The new replays page is also live, so you can find a link to that under either the 'What's New?' section of your Dashboard, or via the main Member Event page. I hope that helps! Search coming soon x

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                            • Yippee!!! It affirms to me that I know what I'm doing! Woohoo!!! Going to do the happy dance!  

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                              • Hi Sarah, 

                                I discovered the Webinar Vid I'm searching for is actually from last year. Not sure if those are still available and if it is I still can't find it. It was Reading Like a Writer, with Lynn Steger Strong. I had it set up to watch and then of course came back to it when you guys had updated the website. So assuming it's still available I'll have to search for it when the Video search option comes into play. 

                                The page with all the webinars for 2021 is great though so thanks.


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                              • Hi Sarah,

                                Thanks for the directions to the video. Now to make some time to watch it. 

                                Sometimes when you're closely involved, what seems intuitive to you might seem confusing to others. A map would certainly help in the initial stages, then when we've had a look around and found what we're looking for it should all make sense. It's like when the local Marks and Spencer changes their shelves around, I go in for salad, and come out with cakes. That could just be me.


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                                • I know exactly what you mean, Duncan! We're on the map now and I'm hoping to have that and the new replays page up in the next few days.

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