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What tips do you have for taking control of your publishing?

What's making you feel empowered this week?

So much of the publishing process can feel outside an author’s control.  

On the writing side, we have full authority. We can kill off characters; play God with worlds, and generally do whatever we want (isn’t it great?!). But when it comes to getting those words published – that power can feel out of our hands.  

This is something felt particularly on the traditional side, as we first try to capture the attention of an agent/publisher and are then expected to twiddle our thumbs whilst we hope our publishing team are promoting it to the right people. This part can also be felt on the indie side too – will readers like it? And how can we – as authors – promote books directly to those readers, when the industry seems so set up to favour publisher/bookseller relationships? 

Feeling powerless is rubbish. So this week, we're recommending that we stop feeling that. Instead, let’s focus on the stuff we can control.  

Let’s keep writing stories – keep submitting them – keep trying different ideas and styles until we find one that resonates.  

When we have one published – whether traditionally or via self-publishing – let's forget about what authors are supposed to feel and do, and instead throw ourselves into selling our own books. Let’s build those relationships with readers; learn how to become our own biggest champions; run our own award-winning campaigns. Because at the end of the day, the person who cares most about your books will always be you. And honestly – if we can destroy whole worlds in a single sentence – imagine what else we could do. 

What’s making you feel empowered this week? What tips do you have for taking control of your publishing? Share your thoughts below x 

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    • I am loving working with an illustrator on the design of my book cover,  and also with a small company who are building a website for me. I decided if I was going to indie-publish I was going to do it properly and so am spending serious money on getting a) what I want and b) something that stands out from the crowd. I decided weeks ago that I wanted more control over what my book looks like and, having two writer friends who both got agents, I saw the stress they were immediately under with changes, edits and deadlines and thought 'Nah...' It's a huge learning curve, but then so was writing my first book!

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      • How did you find your book cover illustrator and website designer? Were they recommended, or did you look at lots of other peoples work to decide?

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        • Georgina. For my first self-published book, 'A Year of Change' I found someone on line by using the search engine. For my last book 'Lost Property' I approached Claudine Burgess, a professional photographer - https//defineandshine.com.au.  In both cases I was very satisfied. You can see the results if you go to Smashwords.com. and put in my name. My web site https.//heleniherbert.com was designed by my daughter so I can't really help you with that one.

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