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Comedy Women in Print Prize - Deadline tomorrow!

Hi everyone,

Just spotted this competition with a deadline tomorrow and thought it might of interest to some of you - the Comedy Women in Print Prize.

Details from their website:

Unpublished Comedy Novel

If you’re a witty author whose manuscript is waiting to be tweaked, written, finished or discreetly disinfected - we want to hear from you. The rewards are huge, and the risk is nil. It doesn’t matter when you wrote it, if your work has the potential to make the reader incapacitated with hysteria, we need to read it. We’d love a few thousand words from you first, and then for you to be ready with the actual manuscript.


Good luck to anyone who does enter!


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Replies (2)
    • Thanks Sophie! My current novel has some hilarious moments but don't think it would fit the label of "comedy". I've got another "maybe project" that woud fit well but not even started... I'm taking note of this site, seems to be genuinely good. What a find! 

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      • Thanks Sophie, since I write Comic Crime I have entered that novel. Only problem is now I need to write another 10,000 words to make the thing long enough! Of course I won't even get longlisted but it gives me stimulus to finish the work.

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