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Series title.

Good folks, for months I've struggled to find a gripping series title for my books. While having no problems with the book titles themselves - the series title is a problem. I'm hoping someone may point me in the right direction with some suggestions.

The books have a focus on Angus MacDonald who is gifted powers from the gods of Olympus, but over the series, these gods play a lesser part as others, fearful types enter the scene to combat Angus. I'm not sure this is important, but 98% of the book is set on Earth. Below is a list I have, what do you think, any likes or other suggestions:

When Gods Clash.

Ageless Realms

Sons of Gods


Gods' Spawn

Spawn of the Universe

Across Eons

Many Fell From Grace (A play on biblical stuff as after the first war in heaven, those defeated were thrown from heaven, my book infers these are Angus's enemies).

One series title I saw from another author is Ancient Origins = I love it, but can't copy.

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    • Hi Bob. Having had the pleasure of reading the first three chapters of your book 1 and your indication of what happens next to your MC, to me, you haven't quite captured the sense of what it, and the following books are about, with anything here. There are echoes of other work too in some of them - which may be intentional. 

      I struggled for ages to find the title The Chaos Fool for my book 1 and finding the series title, which eventually became Chaos Gnosis, was even harder. In desperation, I even trawled through some of the book title generators you can google. These were frequently laughable and often bizarre but they did shift my way of thinking into combining words and ideas in unexpected ways. Which was good, because I was getting into a mental rut. Other things I tried for inspiration were: song titles, lyrics (currently thinking book 3's title could come from an old 70s pop song I listened to recently), news headlines, things people around me were saying. Simply keeping your eyes and ears open to lots of different 'input' may generate something that just feels right.

      I know, I haven't answered your question. I'll ponder and let you know if anything pops into my head.

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      • How about Ancestral Home, or Ancestral Remedy. A good place to start, for some Ancestral Keep.

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        • Thanks, Eyebrow. Ancestral has definite possibilities = hadn't thought of that.

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        • These might help understand. NOTE: They've been screenprinted and copied a few time, so not clear and bright. That will all be remedied with final art once titles and stuff are finalized.image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=475&dpx=1&t=1624089831

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          • Hi Rob,

            I tend to agree with Carol, that none of these really do your story justice. Here're my reasons (sorry if they're a bit blunt):

            When Gods Clash - This one, to me, sounds like a pitch for a 'reality TV' disaster show ('When Animals Attack!', 'When Barbeques Go Bad!', 'When Dogs Collide!') It feels like it should have three exclamation points after it... which is not a good thing!!!

            Ageless Realms - Nice and evocative, but a bit 'generic. Sounds more like the title of a fantasy RPG game.

            Sons of Gods - This is actually my favourite, partly because of its close resemblance to the Biblical/Christian title 'Son of God'. The plural gives it just a frisson of difference that catches the attention, and, of course, it's slightly provocative too... Perhaps too much so to some people? What about adding the definite article and making it 'Sons of the Gods'?

            Godspawn - And I was instantly in a pond! A big pond. But a pond. 😂 

            Gods' Spawn - Still in the pond, but with added 'eeeeww... yuck' factor! 😂 😂

            Spawn of the Universe - Veering into H.P.Lovecraft territory now... 😉 

            Across Eons - Too generic and doesn't really give the flavour of what your books are about, I don't think.

            Many Fell From Grace - A nice reference (though 'fallen angels' are more Christian mythology than Greek, aren't they?) and would be a very good book title too. Perhaps a bit long and 'abstract' for the series title, though?


            From what you've described and posted to date, I'd be looking at something which focusses on Angus's particular characteristics as a modern-day 'Hero' (in the original mythological sense of the word) and his ancestry, like the 'Sons of Gods' title above, which I think is SO close to what you need. Or, alternatively, something that more describes the 'action' thoughout the series? Maybe along the lines of...


            Hades' Legacy

            Against Olympus

            The first two have the added bonus of taking an expansion into the slightly longer 'The ****** Trilogy' format.

            Sorry if this hasn't helped. I think titles are very tricky things! Good luck!

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            • Thanks heaps, Jon. I already have cover with Sons of Gods as the title. You said, 'Sons of Gods - This is actually my favourite, partly because of its close resemblance to the Biblical/Christian title 'Son of God'. The plural gives it just a frisson of difference that catches the attention, and, of course, it's slightly provocative too... Perhaps too much so to some people? What about adding the definite article and making it 'Sons of the Gods'?'  

              Before I continue, I don't want anyone to think I am a knowall, but...😈 

              From book 2 in the series: 'I saw the ancient carving, I’m unable to shake a striking belief and one you’ve strengthened today with the photograph. Are those figures in the carving Nephilim, or sons of gods, Tony?”

              “Have we found evidence to clarify one of the most contentious passages of the Bible? Are our Greek gods those described in the texts? The ‘superhuman’ and ‘fallen’ according to some translations, or the sons of gods?”

              From Genisis: ‘The Nephilim were on the earth in those days (thank goodness they're not here now. They might take some of Australia's swimming gold medals in Tokyo)😀 —and also afterward—when the sons of God(s) went in to the daughters of humans, who bore children to them. These were the heroes that were of old, warriors of renown.’

              Angus, my hero, replaces 'the heroes that were of old, warriors of renown.' 

              I enjoyed that. Sorry to bored the sh.. out of everyone. My novels play on the fact of cast out gods, but discard the Yahweh influence. 'Sons of god,' literally translated is , Sons of gods. (Elohim=plural)

              We must not give those cast outs too much respect. Don't forget SG-1 crunched em. Angus belts the pussies, so just consider what Russell Crowe or Hugh Jackman would do to them. (Reference to the actors is deliberate. Bold, handsome, and tough colonials). Rob Roy MacGregor might have given them a run too.

              SOOOO. After all that, it could be the go, Jon. Many Fell From Grace, or similar, is a chance.

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              • Sons of Gods is my fav.

                Ancient Genes? Genesis of the Gods? Awakening of the Gods? Ancient Gods Arise?  

                This is like a word game!

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                • It is, and oh how important to get it correct.

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                • Jon has expressed almost everything which was at the back of my mind when I read your list. Definitely steer clear of Spawn-anything. I was envisioning the Cthulhu too.

                  Looking at the pics and your notes. You're right, they don't fit with a modern-day character. They instantly make me think of ancient times (despite the first one's imagery). It's a good idea to think of how the book covers will look in conjunction with the title, but does your MC stay in the highlands (which you say is missing from the cover illustrations)? And, wasn't there an old film about Jason and the Argonauts called Clash of the Titans?

                  Eyebrow's suggestion around Ancestral something bears thinking about, to my mind. Or what about using Legacy (from Jon's comment) in some way to pick up on your MC's inherited gifts from the gods?

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                  • Yeah, Carol. 'Legacy' has potential too. Angus doesn't stay in the highlands, but the story keeps referencing Scotland and the Norse who settled in the western islands. Yes, a great story that of Jason. But I wouldn't worry about that 'Clash." It's much easier to show a cover with ancient stuff than build Angus into it. Where am I going to find a photo of a handsome, tall, blue-eyed Scot. Near impossible. All the handsome ones went to Canada, America and Australia after the highland clearances. 😎 

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                  • Something about Sons of Gods nagged me, with an association to India and the Mahabarat. I did some more research. Found two books out there with the title: Sons of God by Arthur J Gonzalez and Mahabarata;Sons of Gods by S. Aruna.  I'm not sure how much of a problem it is to use the same title as someone else's novel. Are titles copyright? I've never heard that they are.

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                    • No problem using the same titles. They are not copyright as is the text.

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                      • Good to know.

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                      • Hi Robert,

                        The first title for your series that sprang into my mind was 'Of Gods and Men' a bit of a play on the John Steinbeck novel 'Of Mice and Men' I don't know if this is the sort of series title that you are after or not?

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                        • Thank you, Calvin. That has potential. Even just Gods and Men has a ring to it. Great.

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                          • If it's just your MC who has the gods-connection, would men be appropriate? Gods and Man doesn't have the same ring or the Steinbeckian resonance. Still thinking for you.

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