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Jericho Writers Book Club FAQs

Hi everyone, 

I've had a few messages and questions about the book club by those who are unsure about whether to join the group, so I wanted to just briefly answer some of them in a new post here!

Do I need to read the book for each meeting? 

If you haven't finished or aren't able to read the book for each meeting, that is fine! I will make sure that there are no major spoilers (or warn you before there are)! The idea is that you are able to listen to the author talk about their writing process and answer all of your questions, which will be interesting regardless of whether you have read the book (and you may be persuaded to read it after!)

What books will we be reading? 

I will shortly be posting a poll in the group with different 3 genres for everyone to choose from for the next month. From there, I will be choosing our next author and make announcements about it in due course. The schedule will be diverse and varied, which will make for interesting discussions!

Our first announcement in the group will be this week, along with your link to buy a discounted copy from Fox Lane Books!

Unfortunately, we will not be reading books written by Townhouse members for the time-being. This is because, as there will only be one book a month, we would not have time to read everyone's books and we would have no fair way of choosing who's books we read. As always, if you would like to receive feedback, you can use the Peer-to-Peer Critique Forum for this. 

All other details will be posted in the group, which I have linked here - https://community.jerichowriters.com/page/view-group-profile?id=68

If you have any more questions, feel free to comment below, message me or email community@jerichowriters.com

Emily x

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