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Goals for September - and how was your summer?!

Hi everyone,

Pinch punch, first of the month and no returns... I can't believe it's September already. So much has happened over summer, not just the SFOW but for me personally. We've moved back from the Netherlands to the UK and are currently living in a series of AirBnbs while we wait for our new house to be finished. It's a new build and the site has been affected by Covid so everything is delayed. We're trying to make the best of it and have stayed in some beautiful places but I'm so looking forward to getting settled. The kids start at their new schools this week so that will help, although we're quite far from the schools so lots of early mornings to get them their on time (not my speciality).

All of this is to say that I've not written much! I'm about half way through my first draft of book six but it's currently with my editor. Waiting to hear what she thinks before I carry on! 

My plans for September are mostly around getting settled and doing my work for Jericho Writers while the kids adjust to their new schools, but outside of this I'm itching to get back to drafting. 

What about you all?

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    • Ummm...failed miserably in achieving my pre-set destination. I blame it on Harry Bingham. Every time he provides insight, I end up wanting to re-edit my manuscripts. So, no, I didn't arrive anywhere near my latest objectives. But guess what? I'm feeling a whole lot better having taken Harry's detour. There's still a ton more paths to follow, however. So I'm going to hold off on setting specific targets for September and just focus on taking full advantage of Harry's roadmap. (Thanks Harry. Seriously.)

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      • going in for the next draft as of mid-September, before that - lots of catching up, reading and I'm considering squeezing in a course (might be too ambitious)

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        • A positive- my surgery is done and I am continuing to recover nicely-

          A negative- I've literally made no progress on my novel-

          So given the above- here is my goal for September:

          I will return to writing and will develop an outline for my work in an attempt to develop a sense of direction.  Ultimately, I see this to be three volumes flowing over several generations from the Roman withdrawal from Britain to the Anglo-Saxon onslaught in the fifth and sixth centuries.  Let's see where I get-

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          • That's good news on the surgery, David. I'm not surprised the novel has taken a back seat. One big thing at a time. Good luck.

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            • Ooh, glad to hear that you're healing well from your surgery.

              Your idea sounds supremely amazing. I hope you will be strong enough to continue working on it soon. 

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              • Good to hear that recovery is going well, David. The novel's development will follow, have no doubt! The era is riveting in itself, full of opportunity, with plenty of room for creative juices to flourish.

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              • Hope you get settled in soon. Good luck getting the kids to school on time! We are going to have to remember how to take our youngest to school because our oldest is off to university (gulp) and won’t be providing big brother taxi services any more. Have had a busy month with all the prep for university. So much to organise! I think we are more nervous than he is. I haven’t done any writing for ages. Work is mad at the moment. But I have grabbed the odd moment to read and watch some video courses so when I get back to it I should be better prepared. 

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                • The house situation sounds hard work, Holly. Good luck with it all and fingers crossed for the new home being available asap.

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                  • Oh dear, Holly. That's a lot happening for you right now. I hope that new home will be completed soon. Lots of luck getting your little ones to school on time. Expect chaos for the first week, till you are able to fall into a routine.  

                    My goal for this September is just one thing - complete editing! I'm not going to be overtly ambitious and say anything more. Just like Reidr Daniels above, I keep learning more and more from Jericho Writers and that in turn adds to the editing process. But, the manuscript is evolving and for the better.

                    Thank you, Jericho's!  

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                    • I hope the house move happens soon. We spent 5 months in rented/friends accommodation and I remember it can be challenging. Good luck.

                      August was good for me. I had an editor read my first book and she was very positive, gave me some useful pointers and I finished the book. Still no interest from agents so I’ve given myself until the end of the year then I will go Independent. Since it is the first in a series I don’t think it will hurt to get it out there and see what readers think.
                      September - more editing on books one and two. Learning about marketing, just in case!

                      Good luck with book 6.

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                      • I hope you get to move into your new home soon, Holly, and that your kids enjoy their new school.

                        I've just finished editing book number two (the first having been shelved as a learner). I think (hope) this one had potential, so September will be about beta reads, feedback of the first chapter(s), writing the query letter and synopsis, investigating agents etc. And of course making amendments in response to critiques. 

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                        • I wish everyone to overcome whatever there is to overcome! And to re-discover that writing is a perfect (and healthy!) way to escape reality from time to time ))

                          And yes, I failed to meet my summer writing goals. (Super boring) work overload, endless sessions of anxiety are my (lame) excuses. But! I also had several a-ha moments resulting in writing crucial scenes for the novel. Summer writing festival was another highlight - and it gave me so much ideas and techniques to incorporate in my writing. 

                          So now, as a good student I'm going back to my writing. This time, though, I won't put the pressure on me. 

                          Good luck everyone with your writing goals and projects!  

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                          • As I've basically had the whole summer off from writing I should be raring to go but I am more than a bit exhausted at the prospect of starting again! However, I do have a fairly well-formed idea (for me, at least) for what I hope will be my third book, so I'm hoping to get at least the opening chapters of that written while I stare sadly at my empty inbox waiting for news of book 2 from my publisher. 

                            Good luck everyone! 

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                            • Hi Holly and best of luck with your builders getting the house done soon. Don't worry too much, it's all going to be fine in the end. All new builds are delayed in some way. Hope your kids settle into their new schools well. 

                              Book One is due for publication with SpellBound Books in March 2022, and I'm currently waiting to do last edits on that, very excited and looking forward to seeing it for real for the first time. 

                              Book Two has been through a Jericho MS appraisal and I need to do some significant changes and plan to do most of these during NaNoWriMo, as find this motivates me to write more than anything and I am in the best group in Norfolk (with Elizabeth Haynes). 

                              I want to do a crime book next so am thinking of dong a crime writer course, but not sure if Jericho do one, or plan to? 

                              Hope everyone gets to write or edit in September, best of luck to everyone.

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                              • Hi Jane. Good luck with the next step.

                                Just interested in your comment on NaNoWriMo - I thought that was for starting a new project and getting the first draft (or most of it) down in one month. Is that not the case? Since you mentioned doing it whilst editing your draft, I wondered how that works...

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                                • Hi Sarita, it's not just for new work, I've done many re-edits (not sure exactly what the rules are, but it's 50,000 words in November. I have done first drafts and re-writes in the past 6-7 years I think it is. I think it's quite common, I always put up a bit of a bio when I start, saying re-working, so far no one has said this is not allowed. November is about the best month to write, long dark days etc, and we meet (until the pandemic) in our local library and cafes. I've met so many great people this way. 

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                                • Hope you’re settled soon, Holly. I’m relieved to see I’m not the only one who didn’t get much writing done over the summer! However I did the self edit course before the schools broke up, so once they’re back this week I’m planning to start the rewrite of my first draft in earnest using all those new skills we learned!

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