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Reading and Writing SHORT STORIES

Hi Folks! I've been away from these shores for a while (didn't the summer months go fast?...) but since the weather is keeping me indoors I'm turning my attention to reading & writing again. Who knows? I may eventually finish one of my WIPs. No rush!

But as (good) luck would have it, I've just come across an interesting place to escape the dark winter blues. It's a (sort of) blog about how to Read and Write like the best pros by George Saunders author and professor. Still FREE to susbcribe but soon will be behind paywall. Do hurry up!

Enjoy while it lasts: https://georgesaunders.substack.com/ 

and come back here to comment if you think it is helping your writing.

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    • Hi Donna! Thanks for sharing this, I'll take a look.

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      • Here's my impressions on Story Club, a creative reading & writing workshop by Professor George Saunders https://georgesaunders.substack.com/ 

        I've joined a couple of weeks ago and I've been following all the posts so far. It's very slow moving, with only 1 or 2 newsletters a week, but plenty of material to work through. Under his guidance we explore the mechanics of the short story and dissect all the minuscle components and discuss how they work together.

        This could be of interest to anyone wanting to add layers, depth and implied meaning to their fiction writing. Still free to join.

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