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Care with character descriptions.

Hi folks and a happy New Year to all.

Until today my first in series of When Gods Clash had a rating of 4.5. This is pleasing and my review numbers are growing. Unfortunately I received a 3 rating which dropped my overall to 4.4 = still great, but the content of the review distresses. It is attached below for your consideration.

Before you read I wish to say I don't have a racist bone in my body and whoever wrote the review should be ashamed. One of my protagonists is Indian, and the villains are Han influenced by Hades. The reviewer seems to have taken offence. Whilst there are good points in the review, the word 'racist' is a shocka. However, the reviewer says 'thugs created by Satan,' and nowhere in the whole series does 'Satan' get a mention. I lived and worked in China for 6 years and found the folks there most agreeable, so, perhaps my reference to the baddies as 'Han' is what caused the problem. Perhaps the reviewer is unaware that official policy there is to Hanize the nation and enforce conversion to their language, Mandarin. Who knows. The message I think is to take care. One words can be so important if it degrades (though I thought 'Han' wasn't such). Now to forget that and move on.

Yesterday I commenced my revised promotion strategy having stuffed up for a fortnight before Xmas. Back on track now with The Blue Pendant rating number 1 in three categories on the Amazon Free list. For two days I have made it 'free' to build followers and the numbers for the first day are staggering. Sell through to my other books has begun with them enjoying a great day following the free first book. Three days hence, I expect, or should I say, hope, my page reads will reach new heights. That is my main strategy after taking professional advice.

Another point of interest is the buy and read throughs from the first book. With sales, these have disappointed until yesterday. With page reads, it is the opposite = they are terrific. The lesson - buggered if I know! Learning, learning, but confident now after a decent kick in the you know whats before Xmas.

In response to some of yesterday's posts, yes, promotions take time to learn, but it can be fun. I've learned so much, and still do, but hoping what began yesterday is my path to success.

I hope you all have a great year. Hang tight and please don't blame Corvid for losing the test series.


Kayak Jay

3.0 out of 5 stars Blue is from Gods

Reviewed in the United States on January 9, 2022

The story has clashes between the small group sent from gods of olden days, and the thugs creates by the
Satan who is trying to destroy the earth. Yes, there are many exciting actions in the plot, yet the writing means to drag. The use of blue giving power to the players is interesting, and the leader is the Lord of a Scottish clan. Romances, war, and heartbreak flows through the easy reading of the book. The book is full of racism, because the good and the bad are basis on the DNA in the people.


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    • Strikes me that the writer of the review does not have English as his first language since there are some fairly basic mistakes, for example ‘the writing means to drag’. Er! Given, that I wonder if he means racism in he way you are taking it, I suspect not.

      Well done with the marketing. I’m starting another push in March. Meanwhile, I have to concentrate on helicopters!

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      • A case of 'can't please all the people all the time'. You're right. Read, see if really applies, and move on, my friend.

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        • Some people just want to criticise. Remember it’s the majority that count and they are positive.

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          • I Agree with Georgina, there are several indications that look like the writer isn't too fluent in English, which may account for their response. If the majority of your revues are good, you can afford to ignore the odd one who disagrees with you! Good luck!

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            • Well done on the growing reader numbers, Robert. Very encouraging! I’d be interested to hear more about how you’ve used free book promotional activity - did you do this through Kindle Direct? I launched my debut (first of a series of seven) in December and I’m looking to boost reviews and reader reach via the Amazon page itself, alongside the usual social media outlets.

              On the review, I agree with other posters that this was written by someone for whom English is not a native tongue; thus they may not be suggesting that you’re racist, but rather it’s commenting on how your good and bad characters come across. Also as others say, you have to let it go; as I’m sure you know it’s important never to respond to a bad review. You can’t please all the people…

              Good luck with the rest of the series.

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              • Hey Robert, Having read your book, I'd say the racist callout is most unfortunate. I didn't see that or sense it in any way, but then, I'm a Caucasian male. I'd say don't let the review bother you. We all need to be alert going forward to anything that might potentially strike someone as racist, whether or not it is.

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                • He still gave it a 3 rating, which says to me that he didn't think it was bad!

                  It's hard to tell what he's on about regarding the racist comment. Is he objecting to one tribe or race being portrayed as all good, and another as all bad? Or is he commenting that the different tribes see each other in prejudiced ways?

                  That aside, it seems like brilliant work on the marketing strategy. I'd love to know more details, and follow progress. I hope it continues to climb the charts!

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                  • Okay, Glyn. I should have flow-on results over the next five days or so and will post my comments. How do I do that on here without it becoming public to those outside the JW community, blog sites etc?

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                    • I thought Townhouse was members only, but you'd best check with Sarah or someone. Obviously I'm not asking you to share anything sensitive, but if you feel able, please message me. I'm sure that's private.

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                    • Unfortunately, we live in a world where some people see everything through the lens of race. And as a consequence, these people, consciously or unconsciously, are parsing every sentence, word, and syllable through that prism, offering the writer no benefit of the doubt. There is nothing we can do about it as writers. So I would say ignore it and soldier on.

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                      • I read a writing guide from donald maass recently, and he said quite rightly "Not two people are reading your novel the same way." They don't even read it the way you meant it, and Ryan's comment about the lens of race being applied everywhere - often for good reasons - is also true. 

                        If it's any consolation, I got a 2 star review for "encouraging bodyshaming". That comment was based on the character noticing she's got a few pounds too many, but living with the surplus kilos. 

                        I "shouldn't have mentioned that" said the reviewer who did not finish the book for that reason. 

                        Well, heck, if we take out everything that might cause offence these days - race, DNA, opinions, weight, sex etc etc. no book would get written anymore. As long as you're not setting out to be racist, divisive denigrating, offensive etc. - which you obviously are not - then there isn't much you can do. 

                        Look at the bright side - a three star brings the overall rating down a bit, makes it more realistic. I'm VERY wary of books with only five stars...

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                        • Thanks, Lina. Yes, I'm over it now. I would never say, 'The Pommie cricketers aren't worth a nob of goat shit'. I'd say, 'Well, they just met a better team'. 😁 How that from a porky pig?😎 

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                          • Even my cricket mad husband isn’t going to disagree with that one, he said the British team needs to get cricket coaching 😂🤪

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                            • Or maybe pivot to lawn bowls, where no actual hitting with a bat or catching is required . I'm a frustrated Englishman rather than a gloating Australian by the way! 

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                              • Gloating!? I need to build confidence as we're off to Pakistan and India. Can't see me 'gloating' too much about that.

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